We Thought Our Daughter Had a Cavity in Her Tooth, but It Was Something else

All of us go to the dentist on a regular basis. Our youngest girl is afraid of all medical procedures, and probably is afraid of the dentist the most. What do you do when she says, “Daddy, my tooth hurts?” You cannot make it go away, so you go to the dentist. The last place she wanted to go. Our Fremont dentist is very nice, but our little girl is just very fearful of potential pain. She has never had pain at the dentist, but she is afraid that she might have it. You cannot make fear like that dissolve instantly. She just needed a lot of positive experiences at the dentist to help.

Her last few visits made her nervous, but she was okay after her exams were over. She said she was uncomfortable and nervous, but that there was not any pain. Now that she had a toothache, I figured she would need a shot and the drill would come out. The dentist did an exam and found a sliver of a popcorn kernel got between her gum and tooth. The dentist said that happens all the time. Many people will pick at it with a toothpick or brush the area more to get it to come out. Sometimes the thin hull of the kernel just fits perfectly against the tooth and just sits there right up under the gumline causing irritation and potential infection.

The dentist removed it without any pain with the metal pick and showed it too her. We really like our popcorn, and we probably will not stop eating it. However, we will pay close attention to any irritation and will know what to look for if it happens again. I had one stuck in my gum and got it out with a toothpick. Our little girl just knew her tooth hurt even though it was actually her gum that was inflamed and in pain.