The Collection Agencies Needed to Be Stopped As Soon As Possible

The Sacramento bankruptcy lawyer who worked with me and my husband so that we could put in for a bankruptcy saved us. We really did not know how to stop the collectors from harassing us all day, every day. We were both already working two jobs, and we still couldn’t get caught up. All of this simply because we had no health insurance to help cover our daughter’s medical costs when she went through cancer treatment for 1.5 years. We never had a problem before that happened.

Like any parents, we would do anything for our daughter. We used to have insurance, but the new laws in place has made it so that if you lose your health insurance, you can’t simply open your account again. You have to wait until the next enrollment period to get insurance. Two weeks after we lost insurance for all three of us, my daughter’s diagnosis of cancer was given to use. We were stunned. What were we going to do with no insurance for a full year? We did the best we could, but the bills piled up so high that we were unable to keep up.

When a collector actually knocked on our door and served us with papers while we were in the middle of trying to administer some treatment to our daughter at home, my wife broke down. My daughter was distraught because her mom was. There was no way I could allow this to happen again. We were doing all that we could to pay every month, and they still came after us and wouldn’t back off. The lawyer told me that declaring bankruptcy would stop it from happening, so I told her that we were ready to whatever she needed us to do to stop it. Now we can help our daughter without fear collectors banging on our door.