I Was Too Tired to Function Properly

Not that long ago, I always felt like I was tired. It did not matter how long I slept or where I slept, I just felt like I needed more of it. My wife told me that I toss and turn all night, and that I look like I am in discomfort too, and I actually felt bad for her because that meant that I keep her up! I talked to my doctor about this, and he suggested that I see a chiropractor in Sacramento to see if there is anything wrong with my spine.

My doctor did do some testing, but nothing came back as conclusive. He told me that the tiredness is more than likely coming on because I am not sleeping good. That does seem to be the obvious answer, but he gave me some other reasons too, none of which made sense for me. I decided to take his advice and made an appointment with a chiropractor’s office that is not far from where I live. I took the first available appointment because I was pretty much exhausted. Thankfully, I did not have to wait very long before I was seen.

The first thing the chiropractor did was give me a complete examination. I had to bend and stretch as part of this, which I thought was really cool, as it definitely does give a better picture of my body that way. When she examined my spine, there were some definite issues there. She told me she was not surprised to find out how tired I am. That changed though after regular appointments at her office for a couple of months. I feel incredible now, and my wife says I no longer twist and turn all night long. I sleep so good, and I wake up with so much energy. Going to the chiropractor for my tiredness changed my life!