I Enjoy What I Do for a Living

Working as a Fort Myers chiropractor keeps me very busy every day. This is because this is a state where the weather is almost always nice and warm, and many of the people here like to get out and participate in all sorts of things. People especially love to surf here, and you can imagine that a lot of people come in to see me with hurt backs. I know why they go back out to do it again and again because I am a surfer, too. I hope to never have to give it up and I plan to do it when I’m old and grey.

I started surfing when I was in grade school. My older brother took me out one day to teach me how to do it. It was so fun and free to sail through the waves on my own. I had been on boats before and really enjoyed that, but this was something else. I was somewhat in control, but for the most part, the ocean also had control of me. I lived for weekends when I could go out and ride the waves with my older brother. It really helped us to bond as well.

Now that I work as a chiropractor, I do not have as much time as I would like to go surfing. But I go every chance that I get. And my customers make me happy and I like to greet them each week and help them out. I live for the weekend when I can get out and do what they do. It keeps me feeling young and happy. I have had no troubles with my back yet, but that day could comme. I hope that it does not happen any time soon because I don’t want to give it up.