Excellent Chiropractic Services in Santa Clara!

The newest and most efficient chiropractic services are in Santa Clara, California. Doctor Kimberly Gordacan has been offering chiropractic services since 1986. In 1987, she opened her own practice. She is a PADI SCUBA Association certified diver and does diving, mountain biking, golfing and rock climbing in her spare time. Dr. Gordacan served as the secretary of the North Bay Society and has an extensive history in chiropractic work. The list of services includes auto injury, animal chiropractic care, massage therapy, nutrition and fitness, spiral decompression, work injuries and sports injuries. Chiropractor in Santa Rosa can produce a Google search that lists a plethora of chiropractic services in the area. However, the only chiropractor in Santa Rosa who can successfully heal all patients and offer a relief from the pain that is caused by different events. There are both written and video testimonials on the business’ website to verify that Dr. Gordacan’s treatment can heal anyone in need of chiropractic work. The team at Healing Arts Chiropractic is well educated and experienced in the areas necessary. Continue reading Excellent Chiropractic Services in Santa Clara!

I’ll Feel Better Again Soon with a Little Help

The chiropractor in Bakersfield CA that I met at a work party said I should let him check me over at his office to see if he could help me. He overheard me talking to his wife and explaining that I could no longer work out because I had so many aches and pains that were keeping me down. He leaned in and explained what he does for a living and said he’d like to do what he could to help me heal and get active again. It sounded wonderful. I felt like my body was going to jelly because I hadn’t been able to work out or be active for too long. I also no longer felt healthy anymore because of it.

My wife and kids are pretty active, too. Continue reading I’ll Feel Better Again Soon with a Little Help

The Collection Agencies Needed to Be Stopped As Soon As Possible

The Sacramento bankruptcy lawyer who worked with me and my husband so that we could put in for a bankruptcy saved us. We really did not know how to stop the collectors from harassing us all day, every day. We were both already working two jobs, and we still couldn’t get caught up. All of this simply because we had no health insurance to help cover our daughter’s medical costs when she went through cancer treatment for 1.5 years. We never had a problem before that happened.

Like any parents, we would do anything for our daughter. Continue reading The Collection Agencies Needed to Be Stopped As Soon As Possible

Someone Had to Help Me Get Back to a Good Life Again

I needed to know if a chiropractor in San Jose could help me live properly again. My sleep and daily routine had been disrupted far too much. Nothing I was doing to try to fix things was giving me any decent, long-lasting help. And I did not want to take prescription drugs to cover the pain that I was going through. How do you even know if you are treating your body well if you take prescription drugs that just silence the pain, but you don’t really know whether your underlying problem is getting better or not. I needed to get a good night of rest on a nightly basis and I needed to be able to handle my life daily, and that was my end goal.

I was kind of surprised when I pushed my way up to get onto the top of my washing machine in a seated position when I felt the worst pain in my arms and back. It was as if I had pulled muscles, yet I could tell that it was no ordinary muscle pull. It was happening because I was out of shape and had barely done anything to keep those muscles fit. It happened again later when I moved my left arm behind me in order to reach around and pick something up on a table behind me.

The time finally came to show me that I was due for paying the price of not caring for my body the right way. My arms and back hurt so much that I could barely lay down every night to sleep. It was too large of a struggle to get anything done when I was a wake because of the pain. I couldn’t get the kids to school on time or get my daily duties done. After appointments with a chiropractor for treatment and massages, I was able to get back to living properly again.

I Had to Change the Way I Was Thinking So That I Could Keep My Job

I put off seeing a chiropractor in Sacramento because I wanted to be cheap with my money. But when you hurt yourself and then ignore getting help, that’s almost a perfect way to end up needing to pay even more money because you allow the situation to go on and grow over time. I know this lesson well, yet, I don’t learn from it and make changes as often as I should. That’s how I handled my back problems. And as a professor at a large university, I can’t sit down and teach my classes every day. I need to move around. I need to be active for as long as I can so that I can keep my job.

I became a professor because my father was one. I admire him. He was incredibly smart and talented. Like most sons, I wanted to be like him when I grew up. So, I set out in school to do my best so that I could one day have a chance to get into the same Ivy League school that he attended and later began working at. I did not want him to see me fail at it. I wanted him to see that he had done a good job of raising a son who is just as smart as he was. I felt that it was important that he could see that he could be proud of me just as his father was with him.

When dad passed thanks to a horrific bout of cancer, it really affected me for a very long time. Before he died, he told me just how proud he was of me. It meant everything. But I realized just recently, that me being cheap and ignoring getting help was not smart. It could ruin my career. So, I did something about it last week and went to see a chiropractor.