Tips To Help You Eat Out And Still Stick To Your Gluten Free Lifestyle

Gluten free diet is one that excludes protein gluten that can be found in grains like rye, barley and wheat. It is a diet majorly meant to treat celiac disease in which the gluten leads to inflammation in the small intestines. By adapting to such a diet, those suffering from celiac disease are able to keep it under control and to prevent complications of the same. If you suffer from the celiac disease, it is best that you eat foods you have prepared yourself because then you can be sure of the ingredients.

However, this does not mean that you cannot enjoy some time out with your friends and family. There are so many gluten-free restaurants from where you can enjoy some delicious meals and still be sure that you are free of gluten. Using a few tips, you will be able to enjoy dining out and at the same time keep up with the demands of your gluten-free diet.

Choose to eat out only in gluten friendly restaurants

The restaurant can either have a gluten free menu or it can have a designated a kitchen to cater to the needs of celiac customers. Check out such restaurants near you and make your reservations there every time you are thinking of enjoying some dining out.

Talk to the chef in person once you get there

The last thing you want is to assume that the menu is gluten free. You might need to ask for a meal that does not contain gluten by talking directly to the chef of the manager in charge. You really cannot trust the server to understand what you are asking hence the importance of talking directly to those you are sure know what you are talking about. It is common for server to mistake gluten free for sugar free hence you do should not take chances even if the restaurant is clearly a gluten-free one.

Call ahead

Unless you have been to the restaurant before, it is helpful that you call first to confirm that indeed it can accommodate your diet. You do not want to get ready for dinner with friends only to realize that the menu in the restaurants has changed or they never were really gluten-free offers. Confirm to be sure that you are heading to the right place beforehand.

Fill in your friends and family

One of the best ways of ensuring that you stay safe when eating out is by letting your friends and family know about your condition. This way they will have no problems going to specific restaurants and will actually help you keep things right as you eat out. You can select restaurants that offer meals that do not have any traces of gluten and the usual normal meals so you all get to enjoy what you love most.

It is important that you question everything before eating so you keep off the risks of gluten if you have celiac disease. If you are not very sure about your meal, then you are safer not eating.